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Curriculum Vitae



Must haves:
- A strong aesthetic sense of deformations.

- Master of smooth skinning skills.
- Prior experience of working on high quality international shows or films.
- Technically sound and be able to find solutions to fulfill creative needs.
- Experience working with auto-rigging tools.
- Demonstrated team managements and nurturing skills for supervisory position.
- Good communication skills and a team player.

- MEL / Python / API programming experience is preferred.


Must haves:
- Experience with Python 2.x and 3.x language. Must be able to not only build tools for Maya, but also create standalone applications using PyQt/PySide.
- Must be able to debug, compile, build and troubleshoot custom Maya plugins in C++.

- Experience of working with filesystems and databases.

- Should be able to setup servers as necessary, working knowledge of Linux and managing VMs is desired.
- Should have experience of working with large codebases and projects. 

- Must have enough experience with Git workflows.
- Experience with Rigging in Maya is a big bonus! 


Must haves:
- Experience supervising high quality international projects having interacted with overseas teams.

- Excellent sense of style requirement of a show.
- Proven team management skills.
- Have top notch hands-on animation skills.


Must haves:
- Proactive and responsible with a sense of ownership.
- Be able to schedule, track and manage a team of artists.
- Prior experience working with outsourced studios and their related management.
- Understand budgets and man-days to accurately forecast and predict changes in the schedules. 

- Excellent communication skills in English. Familiarity with Japanese language is a plus.

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